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A new metal roof is not only more durable than composition shingles, but it will also add beauty and value to your home as well as lowering your energy costs. 


Metal Roofing

A Metal roof is a permanent solution you won’t ever have to replace, in addition it’s also strong and durable enough to protect your home and everything in it from fire, hailstorms, strong winds and more. 

Types of Metal Roofs

Here are just a few of the metal roofing systems available


Standing Seam

Available in 26ga and 24gauge, Standing seam metal roof panels are the most common metal roofing system that have no exposed fasteners


Exposed Fastener

There are several different profiles of metal panels with exposed fasteners. These metal panels are fastened down using screws and washers screwed through the face of the metal.


Metal Shingles

Whether it’s the traditional look of slate, the lustrous look of tile or the dramatic look of wood, Metal roofing shingles offer a beautiful choice for a wide range of residential and commercial application.


Stone Coated Metal

Stone-coated metal roofing combines the industrial strength of steel with the elegance of traditional roofing materials like shingles, shakes, and tiles.

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